Our Business

YGM has the vision to be the leader in developing and implementing value added services in payment and transaction-based banking for emerging markets. The Group is committed to building a high growth business that provides safe, secure and cost effective payments services to rural communities in India and other emerging markets.

YGM was formed in 2010 by the coming together of a committed investor, a highly talented management team with collective experience in banking, switching, payments services, emerging markets, marketing, and software development; along with the acquisition of GRGATM India.

Since then, YGM has rapidly established itself as a leader in the provision of innovative financial services that add significant value to the business.

The business is managed by 15 people in 4 offices across Asia Pacific with 55 service locations in India and a target of covering 50,000 customer access points across the country in the next 5 years.

YGM solutions are a key point of difference and strength but the people who develop and implement them are a major asset. Achieving success in developing markets such as India takes a unique blend of skills, patience, persistence and most of all passion. YGM key people have all of these attributes.